For the last 25 years Afzal Kahn has been at the forefront of vehicle styling fashion - setting the trends where others follow. The Project Kahn brand was founded in 2005 to specialise in Range Rover and Land Rover conversions. Since then we have been styling and customising these iconic vehicles for an exclusive and select clientele. . . . . read more

Body Kits
LE (Range Rover) Body Kit
Currency £9,995.00 inc VAT
RS (Range Rover) Wide Arch Body Kit
Currency £8,995.00 inc VAT
LE (Range Rover) Carbon Body Kit
Currency £14,995.00 inc VAT

Body Components
Carbon Fibre Lower Boot Lid Spoiler In Herringbone pattern
Currency £1,726.72 inc VAT
Carbon Fibre Upper Roof Wing Spoiler In Herringbone Pattern
Currency £1,656.90 inc VAT
Front Grille with 3D Mesh - LE
Currency £658.80 inc VAT
Front Grille with 3D Mesh - RS
Currency £790.80 inc VAT
Lower Bootlid Spoiler
Currency £922.84 inc VAT
Side Vents in Carbon Fibre
Currency £1,314.00 inc VAT

Colours Of Kahn
A and B Pillars / Grille / Door Handles / Side Sills In Body Colour
Currency £2,079.00 inc VAT
Calipers Painted In Heat Resistant Paint
Currency £834.00 inc VAT
Full Colour Change
Currency £14,400.00 inc VAT
Tinted Rear Lamps And Side Repeaters
Currency £718.80 inc VAT

Safety & Security
Privacy Tinted Glass (anti-reflection Glass)
Currency £810.00 inc VAT
Privacy Tinted Glass (Anti Smash and Grab Glass)
Currency £1,170.00 inc VAT

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