Project Kahn is famed for its luxurious bespoke leather interiors. We use only the finest quality materials - ensuring that our interior design work adds value and style to each vehicle. The clients we work with demand the ultimate in style, performance and comfort from their vehicles, and it’s our mission not only to fulfil those demands, but to constantly strive to go further, to push the boundaries of automotive fashion, to create timeless modern classics. . . . . read more

Leather Interior
Herringbone Leather Interior - Front, Middle and Rear Seats (7 Seats)
Currency £4,151.08 inc VAT

Leather Upgrade
Door Tops Re-upholstered In Leather
Currency £1,240.48 inc VAT
Lower Dashboard Re-upholstered In Leather Or Alcantara
Currency £1,246.02 inc VAT
Roof Lining In Leather Or Alcantara
Currency £4,851.00 inc VAT
Door Inserts Re-upholstered In Leather Or Alcantara
Currency £1,240.48 inc VAT
Steering Wheel Centre Hub Re-upholstered In Leather Or Alcantara
Currency £553.02 inc VAT
Centre Console Fascia Trim In Leather Or Alcantara
Currency £691.62 inc VAT
Centre Glove Box Re-upholstered In Leather
Currency £414.42 inc VAT

Pedals & Sill Plates
Door Entry Sill Plates in Stainless Steel (Set of 4)
Currency £262.80 inc VAT
Vented Foot Pedals in Machined Aluminium
Currency £691.74 inc VAT

Floor Carpets
Floor Mats - High Quality Heavy Duty Carpet in Black Charcoal
Currency £275.94 inc VAT

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