Kahn RS-2 Wheels

published on 14th August 2019
Kahn Design is proud to showcase a fashionable collection of RS-2 alloy wheels.

Designed by Afzal Kahn, the RS-2 wheels are presented with incomparable style and the latest manufacturing and engineering qualities.

Manufactured with unsurpassed attention to detail, the RS-2 wheel is multifaceted in design.

The multi-spoke design accentuates the power of the wheel starting from the very edge of the rim towards the mechanical centre. With soft organic surfaces on the edge of the spoke and a brushed aluminium finish - the RS2 wheels are suitable for a plethora of Range Rover models.

Available in 9.5 x 23” and 9.5 x 22” these wheels will ensure your Project Kahn Range Rover instantly stands out and commands attention.

For further information, please e-mail: Kahn@kahndesign.com or speak directly to a sales representative on 01274 7499 99.

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