A Luxurious blessing

published on 3rd December 2012

The Land Rover Discovery certainly looks the business, but does it live up to the hype? Is it a family friendly vehicle?

Well, there was only one way to find out: cue the Afzal Kahn touch and another most welcome Kahn news review.

Driving the vehicle through muddy, watery terrain is not something we tend to do, yet we decided to go with our gut instincts and pack away our inhibitions.

Yet here we are a bunch of nice guys – told that we can easily cope with what lays ahead. “No way are we going to stall, plunge or slide down,” we exclaim, even though the Yorkshire Moors is just around the corner.

Holding my breath and twiddling my thumbs momentarily under the glowering northern sky and the dark quagmire of muddy grass – this is not your ideal terrain.

Yet the apprehension positively disappears thanks to the different terrain response settings: a true blessing in disguise. I give it the blessing moniker because it eases you in gently – as opposed to up to wincing up a hill in a rather sluggish manner.

This excellent device raises the height, locks differentials, limits slip and provides Individual grip enhancement for individual wheels – complete with 22” RS-600 wheels.

For those of us who are not used to driving off-road - the confidence to go full throttle as such is given to you on a plate: gone are the twiddling thumbs that I can tell you. The only downside is that only a handful of owners will ever experience the potential of the different terrain response - assuming they cannot man-up and go off-road. Furthermore, the eight-speed automatic gearbox is slick, smooth and quick to change.

In addition, the “sand launch control” limits the amount of wheel slip in order to prevent the car bogging down. The “rock crawl” program applies low-level brake pressure when the vehicle is moving in first or reverse gear below 3mph to stop the wheels rolling in the wrong direction when severely articulated. The magic Hill Descent Control maintains brake pressure briefly after the driver releases the brake pedal to stop the vehicle initially accelerating when it tips down a slope; it then continues to limit the car to 2mph on severe declines.

And how is the drive itself?

You cannot really comprehend, nor can you understand the feel of this irresistible vehicle until you actually get behind the wheel yourself. A rousing entity with aspiration; it is the sort of car you can drive with utilitarian but charming purpose.

Exuding craftsmanship and performance enhancing features; the black edition comes with an impressive aerodynamic pack consisting of a four piece body kit, RS grille in matte black, side vents, colour coded side skirts, red calipers, LED lights, aluminum foot pedals, Kahn sports exhaust system and Kahn branding.

Deceptively quick on the open road and rather sharp around bends – this car is beginning to become rather hard to fault. And as for the RS-600 wheels, it takes just one look for observers to question the ride quality.

And how does a Discovery running on 22” wheels cope on the road?

The answer is: much, much better than you’d expect. The test car, especially in rugged Yorkshire terrain can be nuggety, sure, but certainly not harsh and never bumpy. In fact, it’s no worse than a sportily-set up standard car, meaning owners won’t suffer for their wheel and tyre art.

Evolved through skilled artistic innovation and state-of-the art manufacturing and materials technology- our 22-inch RS-600 wheels – exemplify what A. Kahn Design is all about: elegance and skilled artistic innovation. Furthermore, the option to place 22-inch RS-L wheels is also available.

The air suspension soaks up all manners of poor road surfaces, carrying you along in fine style with just the faintest patter noticeable from the rear of the car.

Noise from the turbochargers and ancillaries has been reduced to a mere background. Equally, plenty of work has been put in to prevent noise and vibration filtering into the cabin. In fact, the Discovery is almost as quiet as many top-end luxury cars.

Inside is the new “bespoke touch” with a classy cabin complete with space for seven, plus superb versatility and excellent levels of refinement.

With a whole new personalised classy leather treatment to suit the customer's own specifications. You can also keep your family entertained as they sit comfortably in a classy cabin which has space for seven, plus superb versatility and excellent levels of refinement.

However, we provide our customers with the opportunity to express one's individuality and they can have whatever they want. Afzal Kahn will add your personally requested luxury style and taste to the equation making you feel even more at home than you already are. He could, for example, design for you a vehicle with an interior the same shade of your living room, the choice is yours.

From exterior styling to performance and lifestyle accessories, the black edition exudes craftsmanship and performance enhancing features.

This versatile discovery has certainly been refreshed thanks to the Kahn makeover. In an effort to stay at the top of the class, the Kahn discovery feels classy and solid no matter where you are – be that the open road or the Yorkshire Moors.

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