Driven: Kahn Defender

published on 24th April 2013
Nick Richards of TorqueAbout paid a visit to Kahn H.Q after becoming enthralled with the Kahn Defender upon viewing the vehicle at the Geneva motor show.

And despite the near 500 mile round-trip, driving the Defender was the highlight of his day.

Here's what Nick had to say:

"Dressed head-to-toe in black, the Kahn Defender is an imposing, stand out presence in any city centre, yet it retains all the rugged, straightforward good looks and go-anywhere capability of the original, but with swathes of extra refinement both inside and out.

"Whereas the original model is a bit of a rural brute with a ruddy face, the Kahn Defender is a slick, modern gentleman about town – rugged on the outside yet capable of being soft and comforting on the inside. He’d probably even remember anniversaries.

"The original Defender was designed to be great at getting its occupants across a field or a mild stream with little concern given to comfort, so chances are you will get chucked all over the place and your skull is likely to rebound off the headlining if you encounter a rabbit hole.

"Even on road, the original can be brutally jarring if you experience a speed bump or a pothole. However, the front sports GTB racing seats in the Kahn version are sublimely comfortable, words I never thought I’d write in a Defender review, and are beautifully leather trimmed with immaculately precise stitching.

"The model on test also came with the optional Harris Tweed features, which give an exquisite look as part of the use of a variety of high-end, top quality materials, with a distinctly classy British theme."

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