Ideal Number Plates For Your Project Kahn Vehicle

published on 27th August 2019
Everybody seems to want to drive a Project Kahn Range Rover...

If you were given a chance to pick a registration plate from our current collection, which one would you choose?

Please allow Kahn News to provide some tips....

WED 111N

The bride’s outfit looks perfect, but now it is time to step into the vehicle and celebrate that special day in style?

How about arriving at the wedding hall in a Project Kahn Range Rover adorned with the WED 111N registration?

The style of the wedding venue and the colour scheme all need to be considered here. Well what else would you expect from a vehicle designed by a man with the moniker: ‘The Road Is My Catwalk.’


The vehicle of choice for fashion conscious devotees – The Project Kahn Range Rover is the talk of the town.

You really can’t beat the feeling of owning a Kahn Range Rover as you are reminded every time by friends and family as to how lucky you are.

That final finishing touch however is a unique registration...

You will never drive around un-noticed in this smooth vehicle complete with the AK11 ANS registration affixed to your vehicle.

R0V 3R

If you really love your Project Kahn vehicle, we have the perfect number plate for you.
Imagine driving in the most affluent of locations with the R0V 3R registration?

Is there a better registration out there for the Land Rover aficionado?

Sporting this on your car will mark you out as a true stalwart of the brand. No doubt fellow Land Rover owners throughout the country will look on in awe.


Let’s get to the point.

Why stop at choosing the colour of your choice, a set of Kahn wheels a body kit along with an interior for your Project Kahn Range Rover.

You could go for a subtle registration and plump for II LE

Your Project Kahn Range Rover marks you out as a unique individual so why not let everyone know that?

Did you know personalised number plates can increase in value?

The return certain buyers have enjoyed recently is ample proof.

Come in to our showrooms in Bradford, Leeds and London and we will discuss the merits of each registration mark with you.

Alternatively, telephone us for a no obligation chat and we’ll see what we can do for you.

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