View From The Press: Meet The Flying Huntsman Defender

published on 27th April 2015
Top featured the Flying Huntsman 105 Pick Up. Read below for excerpts of the article.

Kahn has done many things to many Land Rover products in the past. Here is the company's latest, the ‘Flying Huntsman 105 Pick Up'.

That bonnet is 400mm longer than the standard Landie's, together with an increase in width of 150mm. There are also wider, extended front and rear wings with vents and apertures, new headlights, a new front bumper with lights, side vents, a "captivating gold stripe" and matt black 18-inch wheels.

In fact, the whole thing is finished in matt black, too. Underneath there's Land Rover's 2.2-litre diesel engine - the 105bhp version - and unspecified brake and suspension upgrades.

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