View From The Press: Gorgeous Defenders To One-Off Supercars

published on 28th July 2015
Mike Karkafiris, Contributing Editor at Carscoops was recently invited for a tour around Kahn Design's facilities.

Read on to find out what Michael had to say...

Taking cool cars and trying to make them look even cooler is hardly an original idea and as a procedure, it demands a delicate exercise as the line between actually making an object more desirable and destroying it, is a very thin one.

Kahn Design called us for a tour around their facilities in order to better understand what keeps this company going and what their plans are for the near future. Just by driving into their parking space, you realize that there are a lot more things going on in there than you first thought of, as the place is filled not only by their customized Defenders and Wranglers, but from some unexpected metal as well, like a pair of Maybachs just sitting there next to each other.

Then you arrive at the central entrance where you are welcomed by a very impressive collection of classic ‘80s and ‘90s Ferraris. Kahn is a very active player in the classic car market as well, always having a rich variety of special automobiles on offer.

Walking on the second floor of the showroom was a revelation: there they were cars like a Lamborghini Diablo, an Aston Martin Vanquish, a 1998 Bentley Brooklands R next to a Mercedes-McLaren SLR and a stunning 1968 Aston Martin DB6, all sharing the same space with various Jeeps and Range Rovers which of course were treated by the Kahn recipe.

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