View From The Press: Here is Why The CTC Defender XS 110 is the Perfect Vehicle for You

published on 27th August 2015

Lidia Todorova of Automobiles Review believes the Chelsea Truck Company Land Rover Defender XS 110 is the perfect vehicle for you.

Read below to find out what Lidia had to say:

The Land Rover Defender XS 110 is this week's project presented by the talented experts at The Chelsea Truck Company.

They took a step further with the imposing posture of this classy Defender, by adding a lot of tweaks to the exterior and interior. Chelsea Truck Company was also involved in the project and it actually made sure that this particular Land Rover will stay a true off-roader.

The 7 seater is basically the perfect vehicle for you if you want to tackle any road condition. Literally. But this project takes everything a little bit further due to the exquisite work of the designers at Kahn.

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