CAP Data Analysis


Vehicles with styling modifications have traditionally posed a problem for consumers, with a lack of clarity about the effect that aesthetic or performance enhancements have on the residual value.

To increase customer confidence in the added value associated with their vehicle enhancements we have been working with independent trade specialists CAP commissioning a quarterly report to assess the residual value of their Project Kahn vehicles.

CAP are experts in the automotive industry and the used car pricing and technical information that they supply has been trusted by motor trade professionals for more than 30 years. That's because it is expertly qualified by their experienced editors and so you can be sure that their accurate pricing and technical information on cars is the best that there is. Visit their web site at for more information.

The latest analysis from CAP, dated May 2016, shows a significant uplift in the residual value of Project Kahn vehicles, when compared to the equivalent Black Book value of the standard car.

Defender XS 90
CAP Black Book plus 17.00%
Defender XS 110
CAP Black Book plus 20.00%
Evoque Black Label
CAP Black Book plus 10.00%
Evoque LE
CAP Black Book plus 22.00%
Range Rover RS
CAP Black Book plus 14.00%
Range Rover Pace Car
CAP Black Book plus 18.00%
Range Rover LE
CAP Black Book plus 14.00%
Range Rover Sport LE
CAP Black Book plus 16.50%