Investing in British Industry

Britain's reputation in the modern world was forged in the white heat of the industrial revolution. Prior to this time Britain comprised largely of country dwelling craftsmen and farmers, but by the end of the 19th century an incredible transformation had taken place. Where previously products had been made by hand in small number - or even to order - now mass production in steam powered factories was the norm.

The workers that drove those factories now lived in the cities that had flourished around these cathedrals of mass production. The revolution that had begun in Great Britain was now exported around the world. As this process evolved, the same workers were now becoming consumers. With widespread adoption of the internal combustion engine and electricity, the modern world economy was born.

Great Britain exported her products and technologies across the globe and was widely accepted as one of the world's great industrial powerhouses – the workshop of the world. By the 1950s Britain was the world's second largest car producer and the largest motorcycle and commercial vehicle manufacturers in the world were British.

From that point, however, changes in the global market place and the ascendancy of new and dynamic foreign manufacturers, led to the decline and near extinction of British manufacturing industry. In the 21st century, however, Britain is bouncing back. The country's car factories are on course to build a record number of vehicles. Export markets are vibrant and famous British marques are in demand around the globe. Overseas manufacturers also recognise the excellence of British manufacturing as the country becomes a springboard for the export of British built vehicles with many other world renowned international brands on the badge.

From almost becoming a lost industry, to its rebirth, Project Kahn strongly supports excellence in British manufacturing. Project Kahn's multi million pound operation is a true reflection of the country's modern multi cultural nature. Project Kahn is a multi cultural company, with an amazing variety of world languages being spoken by its employees. From traditional European languages to languages that cover the explosion of consumer demand in China and the Indian sub continent. These are necessary to support the strong export growth at the company that sees its products in demand in all four corners of the globe.

As Project Kahn moves forwards, so does the level of its ambition. Already established as an automotive fashion house with in-house styling expertise, Project Kahn moves towards the re-establishment of traditional coachbuilding skills that will see the Kahn brand spoken of in the same breath as Pininfarina or Zagato. From that base, Project Kahn's plan is to become a fully fledged British car manufacturer following in the footsteps of the pioneers of the modern age and maintaining Great Britain's place in the forefront of world manufacturing innovation.

We support British industry by utilising the breadth of expertise that exists in this country. From large organisations to smaller innovation led companies, we march on together with the common aim of seeing Britain at the top table of influential manufacturing countries. If you are a British manufacturer and share our belief, we would like to hear from you...